J. Vibert, bronze

Prix : 2 800,00 €

Bust of "Maman", lost wax bronze , signed J.Vibert

James Vibert , 1872- 1942 ,  is the main reprentative of the swiss symbolist sculpture .


Studies of ironwork at the school of industrial arts in Geneva (1885-1887), degree of modelling and drawing in Lyon.

During a long stay in Paris (1892-1902) he was in close contact with Symbolist poets and between 1894 and 1898 he works in Rodin workshop.

Professor at the "Ecole des beaux Arts" in Geneva from 1903 , he is a member of the Federal Commissions of fine arts ( 1906-1908 and 1923-1926) .

He produces monumental works on commission , for example the "Serment des trois Suisses" for the Federal palace (1914) and his major work ,"L'effort humain" (B.I.T park, Geneva, 1935 .




Height 51 cm

Width 38 cm

Depth 22 cm