Screen , 18th century period .

Prix : 6 500,00 €

Beautiful screen with decor said "arte povera" XVIIIth time.

The 6 leaves of this screen have a multitude of sets, all different, addressing various themes.

The paper was stuck on a canvas in the early twentieth century.

Origin, Florence The panels are currently mounted in pairs.

The technique of arte povera is to apply on a support (here a paper coated) engravings, taken from the popular repertoire, printed on paper and cut, then to cover these papers with many layers of varnish intended to protect the surface and hide the thickness of the engravings so as to give the illusion of painted figures. This colorful and fanciful production can be seen on ornamental panels, ceremonial furniture, and also on small flying furniture or toiletries. The boxes, the boxes and the trays multiplied in the 18th century. The chalcography workshops of Venice and those of the Manufacture of Remondini in Bassano distribute throughout Europe engravings specially designed for furniture ornaments, printed on an extremely fine paper. The genre scenes are inspired by the works of Venetian painters. We find on these carving engravings very varied motifs such as pastoral and country scenes, characters from the commedia dell'arte, putti, chinoiserie or even architectural elements.