Small Baccarat vase for The « Escalier de cristal ».

Prix : 650,00 €

Crystal vase decorated with leaves carved on a bronze mount that has leftover gilding.

« A l ‘escalier de cristal » was a famous shop created around 1804 by Mrs. Desarnaud at the Palais Royal in Paris. Marie Desarnaud was the first to offer high quality objects combining cut crystal and gilded bronze. During the exhibition of the products of the French industry of 1819, she won the gold medal with the magnificent dressing table of the Duchess of Berry.

The store was taken over in 1847 by Pierre-Isidore Lahoche and became a prestigious brand popular around the world.

Beginning in 1872, at the initiative of Emile Panier, new owner, the Crystal Staircase extends its activity to the manufacture of furniture, reproduction of old, interpretations, creations. His sons will develop from 1885 a Japanese department and will appeal to very big names, Lièvre, Majorelle, Gallé, Viardot.

Until the store was closed in 1923, the Panier brothers won multiple awards and gold medals at national and international exhibitions and at world fairs.



Height 14 cm

Length 10 cm

Depth  6,5 cm